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Stesho one dangerous crossing of A283


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  • Cristie Moore

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for sharing these alternative options here.  I can see that you've added them to your review on the site with images which is fab.  So helpful for others looking to walk the route.

    If you would like to then you can also add a flag for safety to your review.  This will show on the homepage of the route and give people a heads up that there is something for them to be aware of.  

    You can add a flag by logging into your account, going to my reviews, then click edit beside your review for Stesho one.  Scroll down and you can select maybe or no for if you'd recommend the route.  You can then select from Unsafe, Access or Badly Drawn depending on your reason for not or only maybe recommending the route.  In your case I'm thinking you'd probably choose Unsafe.  You then add a reason for selecting the flag and click Save Review.

    Best wishes,


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