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Upminster, London



  • Cristie Moore

    Thanks Daisy.  I'd wondered about Upminster too.  It's on the list for review and consideration.

    It's interesting that none of the Romford - South Ockendon routes have gone via it (although that could be to do with crossing the M25).

    Best wishes,

  • Daisy Cairns

     the A127 might be he problem, same as West Horndon. Motorway has underpasses but Thur ock /Essex Counci s and the Highways Agency expect you to jst  dodge across a busy 70mph dual carriageway that doesn't have anthing slowing the traffic for miles. Upminster to West Horndon would definitely be a dud.

    Apologies  or spelling phone autocorrect has gone crazy 

  • Cristie Moore

    :-). I think you could be right.  I wouldn't want to cross the A127.  It's on the list though so we'll look at it for the next review.


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