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Suggestion to replace Feith Uaine Bothy (Tarf Hotel) with Ruighe Ealasaid (the Red House) in Cairngorms NP



  • Cristie Moore

    Thanks Ingrina for the suggestion, I've added it to the network edits list for consideration when we do the next review.  

    This was such an interesting one to look into and reminded me of all the extra considerations - deer stalking, remoteness, wildlife sensitive areas.  It looks as though the Feith Uaine Bothy - Braemar route already goes via Ruighe Ealasaid.  Tarbra one has been flagged as needing revision due to proximity to sensitive areas for wildlife and not appropriate between April and October.  I'm thinking Ruighe Ealasaid - Braemar would have similar considerations because the other part of the route Feith Uaine Bothy - Ruighe Ealasaid looks to be on the Scottish National Trail.

    It's a good call and I wonder if having both Tarf Bothy and Ruighe Ealasaid might be the way we end up going.

  • Ingrina

    Adding it rather than replacing sounds like a good suggestion! 

    I might have misunderstood your point, but I don't think Ruighe Ealasaid-Braemar would take you off the footpath and road into sensitive wildlife areas. I haven't walked this section, but this assumption is based off a conversation we had with the caretaker of Ruigh Aiteachain (in Glenfeshie). He told us that Ruighe Ealasaid has been renovated in such a way that requires vehicle access (modern plumbing system I believe) from Braemar, so I'm making the assumption that it means the path is quite good if vehicles can travel on it (though I do note that there is a separate footpath from the road!).

    From the map it looks like the section in question is on the Feith Uaine Bothy-Ruighe Ealasaid route, where it follows Tarf Water, which does not have marked paths. That's the bit I think would be really tough going, but that said, it's probably the easiest route from Feith Uaine! 

    Hope that's helpful!


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