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Removing Unpopular Route SanBee one



  • Hugh Hudson

    Is it really doing any harm? Two of the three said Yes to “Is this route good enough” which actually means one more would get it snailed - the ratings don't actually affect that. I agree that there are better options, but I can't help thinking that deleting a route that is legal, easy and not dangerous sets a bad precedent.

  • Jonathan Wickens

    Thanks for the clarification on how it gets snailed. Regarding your other point I don't think deleting a route which is virtually a duplicate apart from one section being longer, on busier roads and with less amenities is a dangerous precedent. If you go to the other extreme you might end up with a proliferation of slight variations which add nothing except confusion and delay to the planning process. While it just needs one more yes to “Is this route good enough" it feels like people are voting with their feet and not trying it, but at the same time it looks like there's something worthwhile to be reviewed. Not a big issue either way.


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