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Deleting multiple routes from a waylist at once



  • Cristie Moore

    Great suggestion, thank you.  I'll add it to our features request list.

    Best wishes,

  • Daisy Cairns

    Thanks Cristie.

    Something similar could be useful for adding a route to multiple waylists. 

    When the drop down list of waylists appears on a route page you can only select at a time, then after confirming you scroll back up, click a new button, etc. It's much smoother than multi route removal but perhaps a process for one could also fit the other. 

  • Yorkie Christine

    I'd be interested in a related possibility of deleting routes from my “Saved Routes”.  I can't see a way of doing this at the moment.  I prefer to use my Waylists to keep track of what I've done, what I'm interested in doing and so on, so my original list of individual saved routes is now of no use or interest to me, yet I have to scroll down past them in order to get to my Waylists.  



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