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  • Mark Eden

    I like the interconnectedness of this idea!


  • Chris Chapman

    That's a great idea Phil - anything that removes barriers for people to use the resource we create is very welcome! I wonder if what3words can be integrated into a Slow Ways ap - maybe something to consider from the start?

  • Ed Milbourn

    What are the commercial implications ?

    My understanding was that the what3words is in some way private IP and not open source / openly available ?

  • Chris Chapman

    Think you should be able to add the what3words api into your app which would convert the national grid locations to what3words to display to users. Not 100% sure though!

  • Phil Williams

    I was thinking of 'simply' adding what3words information to the start, end, and any intermediate pubs, sorry points, along the way. It's a little extra work but as there would only be a few points along the route it wouldn't take that long to do.

    I've added the what3words info into my route from Porthcawl to Bridgend (Cawbri). I just added it to the description of the waypoint in question.

    If it what3words could be incorporated into the app that would be fantastic but there would probably be a licensing issue.

  • Jason Davies

    Hello, all,

    Following this thread with interest. Picking up on Ed's earlier point, do you envisage any commercial sensitivity or conflict in incorporating What3Words into OS software? I'm not an intellectual property lawyer, but wonder how this would work.

    I guess my question is what additional benefit are we looking to provide that isn't already there?

    What's the problem you're trying to solve here?



  • Chris Chapman

    I think they're pretty open in terms of letting people use their API - it's made freely available as an ESRI, QGIS and Excel plug-in, so if we decide to use it then my interpretation is it will be fine - you only pay for the API if you're making money (eg charging to download the Ap). It's worth considering whether it is worth incorporating it though - the idea with What3Words is it's a less technical way of finding out your position on the globe (instead of using geographic coordinates/datums/projections/transformations etc) - if the slow ways routes will eventually be available as an ap, then the ap will do all the hard work for you (in terms of showing your location, navigation etc), so not sure how beneficial it would be to include What3Words?

  • Alison Jackson-Bass

    What3Words are very friendly and helpful and would probably love to be involved with this idea.

    One advantage of incorporating some of the 3WordAddresses would be to clarify tricky routes/junctions, especially across open fields or terrain.


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