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Garmin Topoactive Maps



  • Slow Ways Support

    Yikes indeed! 

    This is really useful, thank you for sharing Carole.

  • matt moore

    I suspect the highway contractor (or authority) could be instructed to make good the ROW. (Just as a farmer is can theoretically required to either 'not plough the ROW' or 'make good' after ploughing a field crossed by a ROW).

    Not sure if this project wants to get distracted by issues with particular ROWs, but maybe a note to the council official responsible for ROWs?

    Compare with the shot below, where a crossing is provided for the ROW.

    (I put a comment nearby at  TL 3499 0114 , as a safer detour is available)



    Matt Moore


  • Katy Walters

    Strava heatmap would offer a similar alternative, not so interactive but you can see which routes have been used more. Thanks for the reminder - I can at least see that a footpath I was unsure about yesterday (no clear fingerpost/hedge gap on Streetview) seems to have been used.

    You need a Strava account to zoom right in, but it's free to sign up.

  • Carole Paish

    Yes, all of these are useful if there is any doubt about usability of a route. Can save a lot of legwork...


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