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Slow ways for cycling



  • Jason Davies

    Hi Robert,

    I think that's a great idea and as a keen bike rider, I'd be really interested in exploring this with you and others. I have a feeling some of the existing routes (and sections thereof) would be suitable for cyclists too, such as the canal towpaths from Birmingham towards Wolverhampton for example.



  • Stephanie Robson

    I would love a slow ways for cycling too. For all of the reasons you state :-) 

    Might get us somewhere towards the level of connectedness and utilisation that good old Netherlands has:

  • David Leslie

    when I told my brother about Slow Ways, he mentioned  Common ground?


  • Richard Donovan

    I'm not sure that doing a similar project like Slow Ways for cycling would work that easily.  with the current project, making maps is quite easy - just choose a route, use OS maps and off you go.  cycling routes - on and off road - are more difficult as local knowledge makes a big difference to deciding not just whether a route will work, but also whether if it's safe, manageable, where hazards are, traffic profiles etc etc.   these issues don't generally apply to walking routes.

    there are many resources out there that list cycling routes but it is a haphazard collection and could do with somebody bringing them all together but I'm not sure that Slow Ways would be the best option for this.


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