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What stats would you like to see on the Slow Ways!?



  • Jane Taylor

    Don't know what is possible - but here are some thoughts, I think our objectives are :

    - stats to support launch, broadcasting Slow Ways, headline figures showing scope, reach

    - stats to support the long range political agenda of improving walking networks between towns/cities, and rural networks too, and getting walking routes integrated into urban planning policy - quality and quantity 

    - stats to show how changes over time - building programs, land use changes - influence the quality and expectations of walking networks

    So to support these aims I'd say as well as Dan's suggestions (and I don't know what's possible, some/all of these may not be feasible). 

    Assume we would gather the data at route level and aggregate for stats.

    - % of non-urban routes that are walked on roads - a broad brush indication of route quality, and need for improved off-road path networks.  The class of road would be interesting too - A, B, minor, pavement/no pavement. 

    - % of urban routes through green spaces - quality, good things

    - core stats like length and ups/downs (which depends on direction of travel).

    - bridges, crossing points.  As well as a bit of fun (which routes cross the most rivers/motorways/railways) there is a serious point about the difficulty of getting from A - B when a crossing point is needed and it is a long way out of the way.

    - on the same note - deviation from crow flies distance.

    - stats organised by country/county/region/local authority, I don't see how we are going to tackle some of the long range political aspects of improving walking networks between towns/cities without this kind of breakdown (I think this means we need to assign slow ways and the routes to political units, and not double counting).

    If I think of some more I'll add them!


  • Andrew Mackay

    Some initial thoughts:

    - Number or % of routes that contain two or more transport hubs ("alternative walks to public transport")

    - Stats on which routes don't contain existing national or regional trails ("unexplored or quiet routes")

    - Routes that include travel through multiple OSOpen green spaces (as a proportion or number for each route)

    - The most snail like or sinuous route

    - The most direct!

    - Something to do with night skies using the CPRE maps? Especially for more remote areas and camping opportunities



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