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Routes between villages?



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    Slow Ways Support

    We'd love to be able to handle surveys/reviews of parts of routes, but it making that possible is actually very complex and challenging. We may well do that in the future, but for now we can only handle reviews and surveys of whole routes.

    Thanks very much for asking.

    Heathers suggestion is a good one!

  • Heather Walton

    It is not possible to submit a survey of part of a route electronically but you could comment on it in the forum.  There are some comments on parts of routes there already.

    I too will not be able to do a route in one go but plan to take notes as I do it in sections before submitting electronically at the end.

    I think reviewing parts of routes is a good idea but it would need to be kept separate from verifying the whole route.

    Enjoy your walks between villages!


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