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Can start/end points be moved?



  • Official comment
    Slow Ways Support

    Hi Des, thanks for asking. I've created a new topic here for suggesting meeting point changes. Please do share your suggestions there! 

  • MartinPratt

    How precise do the start and end points have to be? The route information shows these as Lat/Long to 5 decimal places, which is impossible to pinpoint when using OSMaps app. Or is there a way in OSMaps to enter a start and end point numerically?

  • desoconnor

    I've only been able to search by OS grid reference on the OSMaps app. I was surprised it didn't accept Lat/Long.

    You can search by Lat/Long on that will then give you the OS grid reference, Eastings & Northings and What Three Words references.

    Bing Maps will search by lat/long as well and you can change the view to be an OS Map and get an approximate grid reference from there as well.


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