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no Ascent or Descent on new route



  • Tony Parsons

    The following website can be used to add elevation data:


  • TC

    Thank you, that answers how I could do it differently next time.  Do I need to (I'm guessing yes)?  Is there anything I can do to fix the route I have already uploaded (I'm guessing no)?

    My original expectation was that all I needed to do was upload a route and the website would work out the elevation.  I did not see any warning that my gpx should include elevation data,  I must admit to being somewhat discouraged from trying to contribute further routes if there is nothing I can do when I find what I have tried has not worked well.  It is rather intimidating to find that you need to get everything correct first time :-(


  • Slow Ways Support

    We'll fix it when we next update all the GPX files TC. Thanks for checking in!

    - Dan


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