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The option to save Survey Entry for completion at a later date.



  • Tom Norford

    I agree. I entered a survey and stupidly missed a section. My only options were then to do nothing or enter a new survey with the missed info, because there is no option to edit a survey. I chose the latter and both of the surveys are now visible.

  • Sofa Jockey

    The inability to edit is certainly problematic.

  • davearquati

    Fully agree with this, it took me a long time and I ended up switching devices to do it so I could get the photos. Would be great to be able to save in draft before submitting and to be able to edit afterwards if there was an error.

  • Helen Nixon

    I have submitted (my first) survey, review and revised route for Romhal. I need to edit these as I incorrectly described a road crossing as unmarked to motorists. I still consider the crossing further along the A456 to be more obvious to motorists, but the original route does have official warning road signs. How can I amend my entries please? I don't think the surveys have been posted yet. Thank you. Helen

  • Flora Marriott

    I’d also love to be able to both save and edit my own surveys.  This would be really useful.  I’m in the process of walking the routes in my area but have had to do them in bits - so saving surveys as I go would be helpful.  As it is now, it’s fine though - I’ve printed off the survey sheets and I have a bunch of these on the go.

  • Mary Oz

    Yes, I'd like to be able to edit my own surveys, and also edit my own reviews. I now have photos to submit (I didn't do this originally), so currently, I will have to submit another survey/review.

  • Urzum

    +1 for saving for later or editable surveys.
    Just finished my first one and even though i proofread it before submitting, I still found some typos after..
    kind of frustrating


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