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    Cristie Moore

    Hi there,

    There are a few options for helping with the routes which have already been mentioned.  The easiest and first step is that you can add a review to the route page mentioning the problems and suggesting ways around them if they exist.  This immediately enables other people to see what the issue might be and make informed decisions.

    The next step if you're happy to would be to load a new gpx file that fixes the problems then you can do that via the suggest a better route function on the route page.

    The report a problem page is there for letting us know about major issues such as where routes go across dangerous obstacles or private land such as MOD land.  

    As Flora said you're the pioneers checking out all the routes and helping to grow the system.  Thank you for all your efforts.

  • TC

    I have reported problems with two routes.  Neither is passable without climbing fences and trespass. However, I can see nothing on the website to warn anyone else.

    1) Should the website be showing that there is a problem reported for a route?

    2) Should I also submit a bad review?  If I do need to do a review too, what is the problem report for?


  • rach_l_t

    I'd also be interested to know what to do in this situation.  The route I followed took me to two locked gates.

  • Flora Marriott

    I’ve surveyed a few routes like that.  My understanding is that what we do is to upload the survey, in which it’ll be clear that there is a problem with the route.  And also or instead do a review where you give it a low rating and click the don’t recommend option.  Then if you want you can upload your own alternative route.  When I’ve done that (e.g. Aldwit 2) I have explained in the review why I’ve created an alternative to the first route.  Hopefully that’ll help future walkers of the route to choose between the two routes.

    I believe that’s the whole purpose of us walking the routes and surveying them - it’s to find out what routes are actually walkable.  We - the early users of Slow Ways - are the people who are creating this content and putting warnings on unsuitable routes.  

    Hope that helps. 

  • TC

    So you wouldn't use the "Report a problem" page for the route then?

    My first reaction to the two routes I used this for was that there was no point in going out to survey them as that would involve trespass.  I haven't yet attempted to submit any  surveys as it look as if it could be rather complicated.  So I chose what looked a much simpler option of reporting the problem.  On finding that the problem report didn't seem to show on the website, I then went back and submitted reviews.  On re-reading the survey training I see there is a section to "Flag" a route.  I wonder if that would work better?

  • Flora Marriott

    Ahh, sorry.  I hadn’t actually realised about the “Report a problem” page.  I had been thinking that this was for technical problems but looking again I can see that you are right, it does say that we can report a route that goes on private land or is blocked.  You are right, it’s a lot simpler than submitting a survey.  I guess that adding a review as well does add to the likelihood that someone looking at the route might see the bad review and that would help direct them not to walk the route.  


  • Sofa Jockey

    The first three routes I had reviewed all have problems, so I reviewed them with low ratings (sharing the issue) and posted replacement routes.

    It's going to be an iterative process.


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