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Wheeling? Riding?



  • Cliff Hall

    Wheeling is being used to mean wheel chair users, not cyclists. Perhaps the first time it is used it should be explained.

  • Sofa Jockey

    Busy reviewing my local route. It's becoming pretty clear that the best 'walk' route is invariably not going to be the best (or even a passable) 'wheel' route.

    I'm wondering if routes could have a more visible flag in future to differentiate the route types (wet weather routes could be another flag that avoid slurry paths).

    Route one (walk)

    Route two (wheel)

    Route three (wet walk)

  • Slow Ways Support

    Yes, when we say "wheel", we mean wheelchair/scooter/pushchair and not cycle.

    We may add cycle routes in the future, but for now we are very focussed on walking/wheeling routes.

    I like your suggestions Sofa. Let's see how people use the website and grading system to see what's needed. The idea at the moment is to not assume what people's desires or requirements are and, instead, to describe/show what the routes are like so they can make judgements for themselves.

    - Dan

  • Janet Cochrane

    Thanks for the explanation re. wheeling - I hadn't heard that before. Good to know.

    And if you're thinking of possibly adding cycle routes in the future, presumably you will also include riding routes? It's worth bearing in mind that the majority of leisure cyclists are men while the majority of leisure riders are women, so by not including riding you would potentially be building in sex discrimination to your excellent initiative. 



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