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Slow Ways surveying for Duke of Edinburgh?



  • Slow Ways Support

    Thanks Flora, would love to see that happen! Do you have any connections?

    - Dan

  • Flora Marriott

    I don’t unfortunately.   If anyone else reading this does have, please could you let us know.  

  • Joao Soares

    Hi Flora, Award groups of all kinds are welcome to get involved, definitely - Slow Ways - a network of walking routes connecting Great Britain. There's been some interest with an Edinburgh contact, and I'm expecting opportunities to arise in the coming months - including via the links on the Get Involved page. Thanks

  • Elise Anne

    Is there any update on this? We live quite rurally and getting involved in reviewing routes for Slow Ways would be a great option for the D of E service section.

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Elise

    Thanks for getting in touch . . . and apologies for the delayed response.

    We'd love to be getting more young people engaged through D of E. 

    We're waiting to hear back from D of E, and hope to set up a meeting in the near future. There are a number of things to iron out, including the 'assessor' side of things.

    We'll be putting an update here, once we've got more news.

    All the best



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