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    Slow Ways Support

    Hi Everyone. This is high on Darren Moore and I's list! We will be adding functionality to add more photos soon(ish). Sorry it's not there already. I want to add more photos too!

    - Dan

  • Ken

    Yes I agree. I make a composite picture of a few views but it's not ideal.

  • Peter Rickard

    I agree.  I wasn't sure and uploaded a pretty drab photo which I now can't change.  

  • Stephen Smith2000

    I agree.  Had the same problem just now.  I did a lengthy review, uploaded a couple of photos.  Was told one was too big, so managed to adjust it and re-upload.  And when I saved and entered I found only one photo had appeared in the review.  So then had to add a 2nd review of my review, just to add a photo.

    Which sort of brings me to my second issue / suggestion.  Can we have an option to amend our own reviews?  Maybe time-limited, but having read my review I see some typos that I want to change but can't.  And maybe I want to post the review and add photos later?

  • Stephen Smith2000

    Also, when adding photos, a small text box / description would help.  I don't think there is one already - is there?  Apologies if there is but I didn't see it.  So when I add a photo I can say 'this is the gate into the field where there isn't a finger post' or words to that effect. 

  • John Smith

    I agree with Stephen's suggestion of combining narrative with photos.  When writing up a new route I was hoping to post a series of photographs in chronological order with the relevant narrative attached.

  • Mark Harris

    Hi Dan, just to add my twopence in. When you do look at this I think it would be really useful to have a compression function built-in. So when you select a photo that is too big it compresses it down to minimum size. I am sure there will be a standard function you could utilize. Apologises if you have already recognised this.

  • Flora Marriott

    I’m also having problems with photos.  Mine is that my photos upload fine when I choose a lower resolution, but they get rotated.  So when you see the photo on the screen with my review e.g. Aldwit two, it’s the wrong way up!  However the photo in it’s original form is completely normal.  


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