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'Scale' for star reviews



  • Jess Robinson

    Yes, I had the same thought when reviewing - what does 3 stars actually mean?


  • Tonyleigh

    Interesting. I suspect stars are, and inevitably will be, foremost a subjective response. That said the grading must respect the specific  requirements laid down for a Slow Ways route but these are wide-ranging and not all applicable to all routes.. The Review can comment on where the rating might be influenced by a preference not necessarily shared by another walker. For example I rated one route one star lower than I suspect many others might because it slavishly follows established national routes which are understandably busy, largely keeps to busy roads and is subject to traffic pollution and noise although in other respects it fulfils specified requirements (except off-road!). I admitted this prejudice in the Review. Knowing the area well I was aware of an infinitely preferable route, but attracting an entirely different type of walker, thus probably incurring Dan's wrath when I added it as alternative "clutter"! 

    I should like to see the option of no stars meaning the route should be failed. I reviewed a 15k route which used an extremely dangerous stretch of road but had to award one star (though of course the danger was also logged). The same stretch was identified and also condemned by a reviewer of a neighbouring route. He was able to submit an alternative leg - an option not open to me though I tried. Interestingly, I have just uploaded a complete alternative route - a real cracker - to which I have awarded 5 stars despite the fact it fails to meet a requirement for a watering stop or food shop or public toilet. (For anyone interested the routes are out of Chudleigh to the neighbouring towns of Dawlish and Teignmouth.)

    I do believe rating ought to be thoughtful but subjective and that it should be qualified by the review text. Any attempt to list the requirements of each star category is doomed to failure.

  • Lynn Jackson

    Tonyleigh I agree. I gave Brelon2 three stars as it was functional but rather boring (half of it was a safe but boring walk alongside the A6005).

    I originally failed Brelon1 and gave it one star as a locked gated halted the route, but continued with the route using a new access gate onto it, but it still wasn’t great, hence the 3 stars.


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