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Secondary Layers



  • Slow Ways Support

    Love this Mark.

    I've been playing around with similar thoughts.

    I was thinking about potentially filling larger triangles with smaller triangles... but you are thinking of something more flexible than that?

    - Dan

  • mark

    I think you should resist the urge to do full routing at this level. That way you’re dramatically multiplying the number of routes and entries.

    This ‘secondary layer’ should be JUST for linking to main nodes, not to each other.

    And you find them by clicking on a node and getting shown ‘from here we have routes to …..’

    If you route from these places to, potentially, multiple nodes, you are then managing a MUCH bigger issue for routing etc…. These local landmarks should ‘hang’ off main nodes. They could hang from more than one (e.g. if in centre of triangle), but you’d find each by going to the main node.


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