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  • Cristie Moore

    Hi David,

    These sound like great ideas, thank you for sharing them.  We always appreciate feedback and ways the site can be improved for users.  I've added your suggestions to the wish list for consideration.

    Best wishes,

  • Bostal Boy

    I agree with David. It would be good to see a list of new reviews and content rather than opening up each route individually to see if anything new has been contributed. It would also be good to see some stats as to how well the reviewing and surveying is going nationally and locally. Quickly seeing local routes with 2 reviews is a good idea too. 

  • Mary Oz

    I'd really like to be able to link to a user in order to see all their reviews and surveys. I'd like to see a list of my own reviews and surveys on my profile page, but also, I think I will come to appreciate some reviewers more, and want to see what else they have recommended.

    I also thought a league table of review and survey counts by user might be a good encouragement tool!


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