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Slow Ways walking groups



  • David Sanderson

    We've successfully organised a walk via this board before. Just post it up and see if there's any interest. I don't know where you are based, but on 5 February, if you'd care to join us, a group of us on here are walking from Longbridge to Halesowen (Hallon) and on 12 March from Winsford to Crewe (Wincre). Like I said, if you have an idea for a route, local to you you'd like to walk in company, just put it on this board. I guess it would be useful if there was a separate heading for meet-ups as the idea seems to be growing in popularity.

  • Neil Summersgill

    Yes spotted that on the board but I was thinking of something in Everyone has a login so if people clicked on a like for a slowway and say 2 or more people liked then you could get a message to say people were interested. Or put a date for a walk of a slowway in a calendar and everyone can see or get notified. I thought this would be useful for car sharing, buddying up etc


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