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Route contains parts of another walk - what to do in that case?



  • Cristie Moore


    Thanks so much for walking all three Slow Ways.  What a great spot about Uxbsou.  I've put my screenprint for Uxbsou below and I wonder if the route doesn't use Hillingdon Road and Uxbridge Road because they don't meet the Slow Ways criteria - they'd certainly be more direct but there's maybe easy walking option.  Would you have any local knowledge about that option?

    If you'd like to suggest a portion of UxbSou as a good alternative for UxbHay then what you could do is to download the gpx file of UxbSou.  Adapt it so that you've deleted the portion going from Hay to Sou and made sure that the meeting point is in the right place for Hay.  You'll be able to find the point using the gpx file for UxbHay one.

    I hope that this helps and thank you again for all your efforts.

    Best wishes,

  • miketalbot

    Thanks - I have loaded the gpx as an alternative for UxbHay!

  • Cristie Moore

    Fantastic - thank you for that. :-)


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