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Abbreviations in route descriptions



  • Lynn Jackson

    Hi again! 🙂

    Which route are you looking at? I’ll have a look and will post their meanings if I know them.

    (You are right - there shouldn’t be abbreviations that aren’t explained.)

  • thiswormjim

    Hi :)

    I'm looking at Romlor Four (

    If you don't know the meanings, that's ok - I really am happy winging it to find a better route. I'm mostly looking for confirmation that it's considered as part of the rules for adding a route. I haven't come across this problem on any other route so far.

  • Martin Ellis

    I'm guessing it's the Ordnance Survey Headquarters. A neat landmark to pass on a Slow Way!

    Incidentally, I'm based in Reading and hoping we can eventually get a verified set of routes between Reading and the south coast. I'll be pushing south, maybe following the River Test.


  • Andrew Mackay

    Really sorry, this is my fault.

    OS = Ordnance Survey
    SW = should read SW of the same road - SW is south west.

    I'll try and be less cryptic next time!

  • Andrew Mackay

    Have updated the description

  • Cristie Moore

    Thanks so much Andrew.  I was thinking SW = Slow Ways.

    Best wishes,

  • Hugh Hudson

    I plead guilty to using abbreviated compass points in my route descriptions and reviews - I thought these were generally accepted!


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