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Help with OS maps



  • Hugh Hudson

    I have submitted a few routes plotted with OS Maps desktop recently, and this has not been a problem for me, perhaps because the start and end points only need to be within 50m of the Slow Ways locations, and very few existing routes start and end in exactly the right place.

    In most cases there is a recognised path or road within this maximum distance, but if there isn't you need to plot the first two points without enabling snap to footpaths, and ensure that the snap function's first point is on a recognised path or road, which may involve trial and error. Snap to footpath works pretty well most of the time, but not all rights of way are in its data set, so sometimes you have to plot paths manually by turning it off.

    In my experience the OS plots still won't produce GPX files with elevation data, so you have to run the files through another tool such as before uploading them.

  • Cristie Moore

    Hi Hugh,

    Thanks so much for your help.  I will give it a go.  Great tip about gps visualizer too.

    Best wishes,


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