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Selling merch with unverified routes on?



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    Slow Ways Support

    Thanks very much for the comment and feedback geeoharee!

    I agree with Lynn Jackson on this, but in addition, the scale of the maps are designed for planning but not navigating. They will be used alongside the routes on the website. So, people will be able to plan routes using the maps and colour in Slow Ways they've walked, even if the precise wiggly routes used are different.

    As the project progresses we plan to create more maps and more detailed maps too. 

    Thanks again and please do get copies!

    - Dan

  • Lynn Jackson

    Slow Ways will always be changing, adding new routes or removing old ones. OS Maps are the same; new versions of Explorer and Land Ranger maps are regularly printed.

    This map will be versioned in a similar way, I’m sure. 

  • Edensyard

    I also agree with Lyn, though I understand the concern. As time goes on we could proudly mark the new updates on merch' to track both up to date information and the vintage of time spent on slowways. 

  • Permanently deleted user

    Thanks for posting                          Edensyard                         

    Loving the idea of 'vintage Slow Ways'.  It'll be great to track how things are evolving over time.




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