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New Route + Delete Route


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  • Cristie Moore

    Thank you Neil for your suggestion and your knowledge of the area, it's so appreciated.  

    I've taken a look and can see what you mean.  We'll definitely consider your suggestion but I suspect that we'll need to keep Peterchurch - Talgarth because Peterchurch is part of the network in the wider sense and it makes sense to leave that route for now until it's been reviewed.  

    We are looking at making the network denser down the line and that might be where a route between Hay on Wye and Ewyas Harold would come in. Is it the Offa's Dyke Path that you were mentioning that is well used and connects the two?  

    Another way to make use of it might be to add versions of Hay on Wye - Peterchurch and Peterchurch - Ewyas Harold that make use of the path.  That would seem to make them a bit long and possibly circuitous but might be helpful.  I noticed that Hay on Wye to Peterchurch hasn't been reviewed yet so it would be good if that happened as we'd then know if the current suggested route works.  The current Peterchurch - Ewyas Harold seems great, thank you for adding it.

    Best wishes,


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