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What are the rules about routes that aren't usable 24/7?



  • Daisy Cairns

    Good question! No idea if there's a rule though.

    There's a lot of this in London too but I haven't noticed any formal flags about it. I've seen a description of which roads to use instead when a cemetery is closed. I do think it's worth mentioning, it's easy to forget about it during summer. And people can't tell from a map if the park will be locked or left open, some don't even have walls, fences, etc. You just can't tell from a map. A couple of times I've said which authority or other organisation runs the park so people can look it up.

  • Andrew Mackay

    Second this as a very good point. I suppose the likelihood of people walking the route outside of the main 'daylight' hours could be a combination of location (e.g. city or countryside) and distance (longer route more likely to need to make use of the earlier or later hours).

    I feel like the flag for access issues is perhaps too strong for this particular issue, but a tick box or symbol on the route page (like on the settlement pages) might be more suitable perhaps?





  • Lynn Jackson

    The survey asks if there are any time restrictions to parts of the route, and survey photos usually picture this is that is the case (see the Ilknot One survey: ).

    A route that isn’t accessible 24x7 is certainly allowable but it should be mentioned in your review if you aren’t completing a survey.

  • geeoharee

    Thanks Lynn, I haven't done the surveyor training but that's really useful to know. I will continue to mention it on reviews, then.

  • Cristie Moore

    Thank you for the suggestions and feedback.  I've mentioned it to the team to see what might be possible in addition to it being part of the survey.  Being mentioned in reviews as well as surveys as Lynn suggested is really helpful.

    Best wishes,


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