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  • Hugh Hudson

    I can see the case, but the whole SlowWays network is built up from triangles between 3 places, and in most cases, the straight lines forming the edges of these triangles do not cross, so if this one was included, the route from Hungerford to East Ilsley would have to be deleted. There are literally thousands of instances in the network where the choice of triangles could be questioned on similar grounds.

  • Mary Oz

    Nobody will be able to upload a route anyway, unless the Slow Ways website is updated with a connection there.

  • Cristie Moore

    Thanks for making the suggestion.  I've made a note for our next network review.  I noticed that no-ones reviewed Hungerford - East Ilsley as yet.  So it could be that Lambourn - Newbury might be the better route to add.  Or it's possible that Hungerford - East Ilsley could be split with a node in the middle.  Or it may be that when the network is densified that this route is possible to add.

    Best wishes,


  • Glyn Thomas

    I agree with John Myerson that there should be a route between Lambourn and Newbury - I suggest at the expense of the proposed Hungerford - East Ilsley route. The Lambourn Valley Way already exists. Part of the route follows the trackbed of the former Lambourn Valley Railway, with plenty of other public footpaths available, and it would not be difficult to work out a pleasant and safe route between the two towns. I would be happy to walk it so that it could be added to the Slow Ways route network. I have only just found out about Slow Ways (I am a parish councillor near Newbury), and I hope to try out the Newbury to East Ilsley route before too long.


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