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City slow ways



  • Slow Ways Support

    Hi Ed. I think this is 100% necessary as a future stage in the project. 

    I think a similar approach can be used to identify places that are mapped for their significance but looking at population too. 

    Have you done some drawings?

  • David McDowell

    The Red Kites did numerous routes in Greater London, including central London, which was fascinating and a very different set of challenges and solutions were encountered to the rural routes. So there's already some expertise in solving this issue.

  • Ed Milbourn

    Hi Daniel,

    I got as far as putting a few key points on a map and a couple of trial route triangles.

    But I mostly got diverted on trying to come up with a rating for the route's friendliness, combination of how much distance is segregated cycle way, road type & speed limit, which is a heavily manual process but kind of interesting!

    I did have a look at local ward maps for the city earlier and thought maybe a central point of each would be a decent but fairly coarse starting point.

    (Sadly I had to start work again today so time has become more limited again !)

  • Jason Davies

    Which city have you been looking at Ed? Is it Birmingham?

  • Ed Milbourn

    Ha no that would be scary big.

    I'm in Coventry so that's easy for me to consider, bouncing ideas off our "Bicycle Mayor" too.


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