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Ascot is missing



  • Sofa Jockey

    I posted this a month ago, but as yet no opinion on what I believe is a place in the, er, wrong place.

    If there's a reason, that's great (though the current decision seems flawed).

    It would be good to know, though.

  • Andrew Mackay


    Sorry for the delay in responding. I've just had a look at the original network of places and North Ascot was included as it's either a primary destination (transport hub, cultural centre), or more likely in this case in the ONS's Top 1000 places for population size.

    See here for more info:

    Not knowing the area, I'd imagine that North Ascot was the centre of population density in the local area for the ONS to designate it in this way.

    As we refined the network in the early stages of Slow Ways, local knowledge was used to tweak places, so I think that your suggestion is very valid as it looks like a better stopping point for the network.

    I'll raise it behind the scenes as something that we could tweak the location of and rename (with new adjusted Slow Ways) for the future.


  • Sofa Jockey

    Thanks Andrew,

    It may make sense that there is a bulge of housing that way, but in every other sense, the racecourse, the centre of the town of Ascot, the natural destination for walks to and from the area is Ascot.

    To find yourself in a housing estate is, problematic.


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