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Suggesting amendments to a route



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    Slow Ways Support

    Hi Richard, thanks very much for asking.

    We want people to upload new routes, even if the changes are fairly small. You can download another person's route and edit that.

    We've taken this approach for a number of reasons. We don't want people to be editing each others live routes. And at the same time, our small team can't be negotiating and editing thousands of routes made by different people either. 

    When better routes are shared they should receive stronger reviews and so be used and trusted more.

    The 10 criteria are all important. The first 8 are the most important. We simply ask you to use your best judgement. Different places, routes, landscapes and people will desire and require different mixes of those criteria - so please create a route that you would like to walk while keeping them in mind.

    Does that work for you?

    - Dan

  • Mike Beardmore

    Within the first 8 criteria are

    1. be direct
    2. be off road 

    On Woowok existing route a large section is on the main road, so is accessible, but I know a more enjoyable but slower, longer route that is off the main road. Direct and Off Road clash here, is it worth adding my alternative for comment? 

  • Richard Mould-Ryan

    Belated thanks for your reply Dan, yes that works for me; and on that basis Mike I think uploading your alternative WooWok2 so people can review both is the way to go, and what I'll be doing when I get a day to walk both EasHed options.


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