Share your ideas here! They could be ideas for the initiative itself... a project that you are doing that links to Slow Ways or something else.

Slow Ways = Premium Routes on OS Maps?
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List of Standardised Welsh Place-names
0 votes 16 comments
City slow ways
0 votes 5 comments
Ideas for the Slow Ways website
1 vote 10 comments
Garmin Topoactive Maps
0 votes 4 comments
Slow Ways marked by art?
5 votes 18 comments
Biodiversity Hotspots
1 vote 1 comment
Alternative routes that need preplanning e.g. to pay for a permit
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Diamond Geezer
0 votes 1 comment
Using GIS
0 votes 12 comments
4 votes 8 comments
Intermediate phase in checking the routes...
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